The Future Of Energy and Oil Dependency Is Decided Today

“New alternatives of energy needs to be found by the United States to be less dependent on oil and the dictate of political regimes in Venezuela, Russia or in the Middle East. Additionally, US economy will be hit less severely by rising oil prices if other energy options are provided to the population.”

“Last year’s oil shock showed us that right now it takes a very large increase in gasoline prices to reduce our consumption of oil. Part of the reason is because many consumers have no alternatives to their gasoline powered cars”, Maloney said,adding that “in the long run, energy policies that increase alternatives to using a gas-fueled car – whether they are different modes of transportation or alternative fuels for cars – will help minimize the impact to the economy of a rise in the price of oil.”

This passage shows that right now, the Middle East’s economy is being positively affected because the oil prices are very high and there aren’t many alternatives to using oil. Since the Middle East is a region known for having an excessive amount of oil, other countries around the world such as America, would by oil from them. This leads to the economy improving because the country is making more money from selling oil to other countries. This passage shows how oil has an effect on the Middle East’s economy because it’s talking about how the United States has to depend on other countries and regions such as the Middle East, for their oil.

– Emily.

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